Facebook Reverses Censorship of Major Pro-Life Group, Threatens Future Penalizations – Faithwire

Two questions:

-Is the idea of abortions never saving the life of the mother scientifically debatable? Or is it clearly false?

-As I think we’ve discussed before, should Facebook be dabbling in anyway with notifications of veracity?


MarketWatch: This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

I saw the headline for this story several places, so I finally decided to click on it. There are some items that are debatable life choices (e.g. PreK)… And then others…You’ve got to be kidding me!!! You are complaining about not being able to save…and spending $2000, $500, and $400 a month on food, entertainment, and clothes respectively – there are a lot of non-essential decisions there.

MarketWatch: This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class.

Gay Marriage: Where Do We Put the Sidewalks? | National Review

Nothing new, but well put.

It should also be noted that the liberalization of divorce laws and the legalization of abortion together have had an effect on family life that renders same-sex marriage trivial by comparison. The patient has been shot twice through the head, and we are troubling about his swollen appendix.


Things worth talking about?