One thought on “A Heated Debate over Daily Devotions | Dru Johnson”

  1. I’m not sure that he is actually advocating for less frequent “gulping”. It sounded like his ideal practice (and the one he actually uses himself) is of “gulping” large portions of Scripture on a regular basis (perhaps even most days) and then meditating on them.

    I found his comments hard to understand. I felt like he did a poor job of defining his terms (for example, what exactly are these “daily devotionals” he’s criticizing? Is it the practice of sitting down daily to read a portion of Scripture? Is it a “5 minute devotionals for mom” book? Is it the idea of trying to “get something” out of a short passage of Scripture?) Further, I feel that, especially for someone who apparently is interested in the subject of ritual, he fails to clearly answer the question of what his normal practices are. Very few of us do the exact same thing every day, but we do tend to have patterns. He mentions only “going a week without reading”, not what his normative practice is (does he read for an hour or so a couple times a week? Maybe reads two or three books in one day and spends the rest of the week thinking about them? This would be more helpful and less confusing than simply saying he sometimes goes a week without reading (which he clarifies in a follow-up to happen one or two times a year).

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